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Learning Spaces Matter

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Looking to reimagine and redesign your learning environments?

The 5 ESSENTIAL SPACES offer a coherent model for individuals and organizations alike to take a fresh look at learning spaces.

Learning space redesign engages learners and educators in new ways.

  • It enhances collaboration
  • It fosters creativity
  • It boosts thinking and makes it visible
  • It empowers educators to teach in the way they want and need to

Find our more about each ESSENTIAL SPACE and how it can enrich your environment here.





  • Dylan Meikle

    Dylan has a deep interest in progressive educational environments and the impact they have on learning.

    Redesigning and redefining learning spaces to provide outcomes for students and teachers is a passion for Dylan.

    Dylan is an international educator and counselor in elementary schools and early childhood environments. He is a member of the International Baccalaureate Educator Network and an Apple Distinguished Educator. He tweets @dylan_meikle

  • Nathaniel Atherton

    Nathaniel Atherton is the developer the ‘5 Essential Spaces’ framework.

    He is a learning spaces researcher and designer and has implemented innovative changes to classroom spaces and schools across the globe.

    Nathaniel's passion had lead him to share and present his work at conferences, including multiple EARCOS and ACAMIS Teacher Conferences and the Next Generation Learning Spaces Asia conference.

    He is an international teacher leader based in Beijing and tweets @nat_atherton.